The Pat McAfee Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing scholarship assistance to the sons and daughters of US Military Personnel.

Welcome to The Pat McAfee Foundation

The Pat McAfee Foundation was formed to provide scholarship assistance to the sons and daughters of US Military Personnel. Pat McAfee holds the men and women of our armed forces in high regard and formed this foundation to assist their children in continuing their education beyond high school.

Donations by mail can be sent to:  The Pat McAfee Foundation 4855 Hialeah Dr Pittsburgh, PA 15239. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and all of your donations are tax deductible.

The First Annual Red White and Boomstick Event Was A Complete Success

On Friday June 20th, 2014 the first annual Red White and Boomstick Cocktail party took place at Sullivan’s Steak House in Indianapolis. The event was planned by Chris Quiocho from Indianapolis and went off without a hitch.  His military background was evident in his planning and execution of all of the activities.

The event was a tremendous success thanks to all who attended and those who donated Silent Auction items.  Attendees were able to get autographs and a photo with our founder Pat McAfee.  As always Pat entertained the crowd in his unique way.  Folks will be talking about the event and looking forward to next years party.  An estimated 150 people attended including two of the 2014 Pat McAfee Foundation Scholarship winners and their parents.  They were able to meet Pat and the crowds of folks that are helping our charity grow.  Colts players and several radio personalities were present. The silent auction generated well over $10,000.00.

As we mingled and had a chance to speak with the folks attending we found many military and ex-military folks that were there to lend their support to the cause.  And every one of them said the same thing, it’s those that wait that have the hardest time with military service and deployment.  The men and woman in the military are fighting and doing their jobs and don’t have time to think about other things.  While those that wait at home have nothing but time to worry and wonder if their loved one is safe or will ever come home.  That is why we do what we do with The Foundation.  We need to support the ones who are here at home waiting.

So thank you everyone that attended and or donated to the silent auction your donations are greatly appreciated and are going to a great cause.  We look forward to seeing you next year and at any future foundation events.  Keep donating and supporting the cause we can make a huge impact on the lives of “Those that Wait”

Congratulations to all of the recipients of the second annual Pat McAfee Foundation Scholarship awards.

The recipients were notified by Pat McAfee on June 10th, 2014

We would like to thank all the applicants for the opportunity to read about their amazing young lives and their appreciation for their parent or guardians service to our country.

As The Pat McAfee Foundation grows it gets harder and harder to make the decision on who gets to receive the scholarship money we have available.  Since we received many applications this year the decision was very difficult for the selection committee.  We would like to thank the selection committee for their efforts. We believe a fair ranking was established.

The recipients who were selected represent the best of the applications we received.

We were able to make scholarships available totaling $35,000.00.  A $5,000.00 increase over last year.

We would like to invite all of the applicants from the past two years to please apply again.  We look forward to your applications next year.   Good luck with your studies and we hope to hear from you again.

Let’s help more deserving students next year. Please Donate.