Cow Patty bingo $10,000 in Prizes 2 cows 2 $5,000.00 Prizes


September 17th 2019 5pm-9pm

Indiana Gaming License # 150918

200 Spots $200.00 per Spot

Rules and Details

This is a unique event.  

Cow Patty Bingo  with two cows.  

Two opportunities to win.  Each Patty Drop is worth $5,000.00

200 spot grid on Pat's back 40.   

The grid will be randomly numbered using a computer random number generator 1-200 to insure fair number placement. For example number 1 may or may not be in a corner.

Your ticket stub number is your grid position.

If both cows deposit on same grid the winner gets $10,000.  

Winner will be selected by the spot that the majority of the cow patty covers.  If one patty lands on a line or corner on the grid the spot with most of the patty in it wins. Accurate measurements will be taken if the winner is not obvious.

The event will be video taped and published when complete.  

Winners will be notified the following day. (Sept 18th 2019)

Buy Your Tickets

Due to gaming laws in Indiana tickets can only be purchased by Check, Money Order or Cash. Debit Cards may be used as well by calling 317-343-4230 to purchase over the phone. Or you may email us at: with your name and phone number and we will call you for your information to purchase a ticket.

To purchase ticket by mail send  Ticket Purchase Form (download below) and $200.00 payment to the address below.

The Pat McAfee Foundation

935 N Meridian St

Indianapolis IN 46204

Cow Patty Bingo

Let's dodo it!!!!!