Mission Statement

The Pat McAfee Foundation was formed to provide scholarship assistance to the sons and daughters of US Military Personnel.

Pat McAfee holds the men and women of our armed forces in high regard and formed this foundation to assist their children in continuing their education beyond high school.

These sons and daughters have sacrificed their time without a parent.  We can at least assist them to continue their education.  We are trying to provide opportunities to these children so they can become leaders of society.


Pat McAfee has always held military personnel in the highest regard and appreciates their sacrifice so we can live in this great country.

After a successful start to his NFL career, Pat was able to put together this foundation.  His goal?  To help the children of our Military heroes.  Every one of them is a hero and their children who stayed behind deserve our support to continue their education.

After discussions with his father Tim McAfee, Pat asked Tim to get The Foundation off the ground.  Tim took it upon himself to organize the documents and board of directors to establish The Pat McAfee Foundation.

After application to the Department of Revenue was approved and a determination letter was received declaring The Pat McAfee Foundation a 501(c)(3) organization we are ready to begin this great cause. This declaration ensures that all donations are tax deductible.

At this time we are accepting donations and will be distributing scholarship assistance as applications are approved and funds become available.

Welcome our new fundraising director

We would like to welcome our newest volunteer director.  Kyle Cathcart (Gumpy) of The Pat McAfee Show has volunteered to become our Fundraising Director.  Gumpy said he would love to help us grow our organization and volunteered to do fundraising for us.  After discussions with him we decided to put his unique personality and drive to use as our Volunteer Fundraising Director.  Gumpy can be reached at gumpy@thepatmcafeefoundation.org if you have ideas or would like to partner with the foundation.


Funds Distributed

Scholarship Funds Distributed

The Pat McAfee Foundation Since 2012 it's first year of distributing scholarships has given $443,000.00 in scholarships to more than 60 recipients.