Cort groathouse



Dear Pat McAfee Foundation: 

I wanted to take this time as my college career is coming to an end, to write and thank you for selecting me as a scholarship recipient last year. 

I will be graduating on May 10th, 2019 from Kentucky State University in Frankfort, Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture, Food Science & a Certificate in Sustainable Systems. After graduation I will be headed home to California to hopefully find work on a local ranch, putting my agriculture education to work. My goal is to enter the Navy as a Commissioned Officer striving to make the Seal team and working towards my Master's Degree. 

While attending college, I have maintained above a 3.5 GPA while playing football for all four years as a quarterback, receiver and punter. I was also a volunteer at the 2018 Organic Association of Kentucky Conference in Lexington, Kentucky. 

I was awarded a Legislative Citation Award for my Posters at the Capitol in Frankfort, but the award I am most proud of is not only being selected to participate in the 1890 ARD Research Symposium in Jacksonville, Florida but also placing third in my category. 

I truly appreciate your financial assistance; I will always remember your generosity. I worked and will continue to work every day to make sure that both my family and your organization can remain proud of my accomplishments and my contributions to our country. 


Cort M. Groathouse  


Past Recipient Experiences


I will never be able to truly express the depth of my gratitude to the Pat McAfee Foundation for believing in my abilities and providing me with such immense financial support. Three and a half years ago, I received a phone call from Pat himself telling me I was selected to receive the first place scholarship for 2015; little did I know this gift was just the beginning. This amazing gift allowed me to continue my schooling and gave me the opportunity to share my personal experiences as the daughter of a career US Army veteran. I wrote three essays for the foundation, each essay sharing the highest and lowest points of my military childhood. In each essay, I shared pieces of my heart known only to a few. I am grateful to have been able to reflect on these memories and express my feelings on paper, now preserved forever. It was an honor to be recognized by the Pat McAfee Foundation for the service provided by military families; an honor I will never take for granted. Thanks to the Pat McAfee Foundation, I received a total of $50,000 in scholarship aid.  I have recently graduated from Purdue University with my Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a minor in management. I am currently completing post-doctoral training as a PGY1 pharmacy resident at IU Health and will be staying on for another year to complete a PGY2 specializing in critical care. I hope to one day give back to veterans through my pharmacy practice in the intensive care unit.  It is my firm belief that without the support of the Pat McAfee Foundation my story today may look very different. Therefore, I will thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for continually believing in my dreams and allowing me to pursue my education without financial burden. Thank you for blessing the families of those who serve and recognizing the service and sacrifice of military families to our great nation. God bless.


Mckenna Jennings 


I graduated from Indiana University in December 2015. Thanks to The Pat McAfee Foundation, I was able to graduate a semester early and with zero college debt. This opened up my future opportunities immensely. After graduation, I was able to intern with the 500 Festival in Indianapolis in the spring of 2016. With the event experience I gained at the 500 Festival, I was able to secure a full-time job opportunity at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where I was privileged to work for three seasons - including the historic 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500. In 2017, after buying a home in Indianapolis, I began the process to become a licensed foster parent in Marion County. I currently am in the process of adopting my three and a half year old foster son. I now work at Butler University and am so grateful for the opportunities I have had to get where I am today.

This scholarship did so much more for me than just help pay off my tuition. The long term effects are still impacting my every day life. Because I was able to graduate with no student loans, I was able to purchase my own home upon graduation and begin fostering children that much sooner! I am so incredibly grateful for the ways in which The Pat McAfee Foundation has impacted my life and that I am able to pass that on throughout my community.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything,